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Publisert 01.01.2012

Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance is a national membership organisation that collaborates with animal welfare and animal rights organisations in Norway and abroad.

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Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance is a national membership organisation that collaborates with animal welfare and animal rights organisations in Norway and abroad.


Ethical fundament
Representation and methods
Resources and staff
Contact information

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2014: Foie gras boycott by Norwegian food chains

2013: The Norwegian Labour Party commits to a ban on fur farming

2012: New report reveals that Norwegian foxes and mink are not tame

2011: The Norwegian Labour Party votes to end fur farming

2011: Ban on animal testing of marine algal toxins

2010: New Animal Welfare Act passed

2008: Live fox and mink exhibitions banned

2006: Achievements of the Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance

2005: Animal Protection in Norway: Organisations, authorities and legislation

2004: Fur advertisement stopped in Norway

2003: Norwegian Government report to the Parliament

2002: Norway bans the routine castration of pigs

A collection of articles by authors from various academic fields. The articles are published with the consent of the authors but do not necessarily represent the view of Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance.

An open letter to the Bishops on Hunting
By Andrew Linzey, theologist and philosopher

Painism - historical and ethical aspects
By Richard Ryder, philosopher

Animals, Slavery, and the Holocaust
By Charles Patterson, Ph.D.

The Importance of Ethics in Conservation Biology: Ethicists and Ostriches
By Marc Bekoff, biologist


The Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance was established in June 2001. The main objectives are:

  • To promote animal interests, especially to public authorities as well as trade and industry.
  • To document evidence of human mistreatment of animals, especially concerning animals used for commercial purposes and suffering that is permitted by existing laws.
  • To increase accessibility to information about human mistreatment of animals to animal welfare and animal rights organisations, the authorities, trade and industry, media and the public.

Ethical fundament

The Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance has a broad ethical fundament.

Basic principles [1]
Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance's work is based on the assumption that:

  • An animal's intrinsic value is independent of the animal's species, individual qualities and human emotional relationship to the animal.
  • Animals are individuals capable of positive and negative sensations, both physically and mentally. To deprive animals the opportunity of positive experiences can therefore be as reprehensible as subjecting animals to negative experiences.
  • Human interests rooted in entertainment, economy, science, religion or tradition do not give humans the unconditional right to expose animals to negative experiences or deprive them of positive experiences.
  • A precautionary approach should be applied in regard to the human treatment of animals: If there is doubt as to whether an animal is exposed to negative experiences or deprived of positive experiences, the animal should be given the benefit of the doubt.

Goals [2]
Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance aims to achieve the following five freedoms for all animals:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from physical distress
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease
  • Freedom from anxiety and fear
  • Freedom to carry out natural behaviour

Representation and methods

The Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance is open for individual memberships, but also collaborates with existing animal welfare and animal rights organisations.

Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance collaborates internationally and is an affiliate/member of the following organisations: European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), European network to end the keeping of wild animals in captivity (ENDCAP) and Eurogroup for Animals.

Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance abides to democratic working methods and wishes to achieve its goals through communication based on hard facts and science. Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance does not support any working methods that violate the law.

Resources and staff

The Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance is run by a staff of dedicated professionals, and has a network of resourceful contacts.

Contact information

Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance
Adr.: Brenneriveien 7, 0182 Oslo, NORWAY.
Tlf.: (+47) 22 20 16 50
Fax.:(+47) 22 20 60 39

Organisation nr.: 983 482 392
Account (IBAN): NO61 0537 3487 378

[1] By the term "animal" we here mean all organisms with a well established nervous system.
[2] The five freedoms were originally developed by the Brambell committee in England, which examined animal welfare on behalf of the English government. Today the five freedoms are internationally accepted starting points for good animal welfare.

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